The Role of Art in the Plumber’s Workplace

Every profession is classified as an art or science depending on the process involved in carrying out the work. The workplace usually reflects the category a profession falls in. For instance, seeing a stethoscope, you already know that a science-related job is performed in that office. Putting this into perspective, the role of art in the plumber’s workplace is multi-faceted. A very enlightening discourse on this subject is captured at In a quick review, we will look at some roles that art plays in the life of a plumber:

Plumbing art1. AESTHETICS: A plumber is interested in the beauty of each project he handles. You see this in the different designs of water taps, showers, kitchen sinks, and many other plumbing materials. This makes plumbing an art. After building a home, the aesthetics of the home is enhanced by the time a plumber finishes work. There is always the drive to fix plumbing materials that function effectively and are beautiful to look as well. This leaves the home with good taste and beauty.

2. PERCEPTION: If you give a similar work to two different plumbers, you will realize that they may not go about it in the same way. Unlike science which follows a particular procedure to perform a task, plumbing does not follow strict rules. This is why plumbing should be considered more of an art than science. Each plumber perceives the work to be done from a different angle. Eventually, if it is a kitchen sink that needs to be installed, both of them will get the kitchen sink installed without following the same steps.

3. PAST EXPERIENCE: While at work, a plumber relies on his or her past experience to carry out a job effectively. There is the inclination to perform a plumbing task based on how it was done in the past than searching for an industry procedure. If it were a science, there will be a standard operating procedure which all plumbers should follow. However, plumbers rely on how they were trained and how they learnt to do the job.

A Picture of a plumbers plans4. CREATIVITY: Science does not encourage creativity while art does. When a plumber is called to do a job, the plumber does not know what to expect. It is only on arrival and seeing the job that a plumber now devises how to go about performing the task. Creativity thrives in plumbing because a wide range of people are meant to be catered for and each home has its own design and specification.

5. REPETITIVENESS: Science is repetitive. You always get water when two molecules of Hydrogen combine with a molecule of Oxygen. The same cannot be said of plumbing which makes it an art. Each home owner builds their home with different tastes and designs. When a plumber is called in to make a repair for instance, the structure of the building will determine how the plumber will go about the job at hand.

The role of art in plumbing is reflected in the workplace. The need to apply creativity while working on a task is encouraged as each workstation differs from the other.