Doing More Than Just Renting Dumpsters

Most people have a wrong impression about the excellence and dignity that goes with the dumpster rental business. The image that is conjured in the hearts of many does not usually have very glowing tributes. Interestingly, there are businesses in this niche that have created a master class ambience and a system that negates the popular beliefs. A scintillating Art Design Display was recently hosted at the office of This image gave the office a befitting look and helped to set the tone of purity in a very classy way. This Company used the display to reiterate the beauty that can be experienced through their very coordinated business system.

A Dumpster at a foreclosureThe company decided to feature the art design due to the bad image that the dumpster rental business receives. People assume that since they deal with trash, there is nothing endearing about what they do. It is important to highlight that the CEO of the organization has decided to make it a tradition to spice up every space in the office with art work. He stated that there needs to be a consistent drive to help people begin to renew their minds about dumpster rental companies. Also, he instructed that the company should place some artists on a retainer in order to keep getting rich art designs.

At the last general meeting, a quick survey was done to get the pulse of the staff of the organization. Most of the respondents stated that they were proud to bring their friends to the office since the art design was introduced. The survey showed that there was a quiet resentment that had brewed about the state of the office and what people thought about their brand. Every indicator pointed to the fact that the company was previously not heading in the right direction. The convener of the meeting thanked the staff for their honesty in responding to the survey and assured them that the days ahead will be much better.

Picture of an art displayA close look at the other issues that were affecting the staff morale was also looked at. Some staff stated that they could not understand why they had not enjoyed a raise despite the good fortune of the business. They showed the management a brief chart that captured what other competing firms was paying their staff. This made the CEO to step in and address the staff. He promised that he had taken note of all their demands and will implement a raise in their take home pay from the second quarter of the year.

After the meeting, a few of the company heads discussed a number of issues that arose. The CEO kept thanking his stars that he decided to put an Arts design display in the office. As little as it may seem, this has led to a positive turn in various aspects of the organization. He jokingly told other members of the management team that since the art display brought them good luck, he will advise they also use it lavishly in their homes! Everyone appreciated his well-timed humor but it was agreed that the use of art design display will be enshrined in all the company’s locations.